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Friday, March 30, 2012

6- Wheel ATV

Now!-Build Your Own ATV

SPECIALIZED vehicles can be a ball but all of them bring to mind one immediate drawback—cost. For something you may not use too often, justifying the expense could prevent your having a lot of fun. The MI Marauder licks this cost problem and adds safety features not found on other ATVs at the same time.

The plans are in PDF format and come with some decent dimensions and instructions. I'm not sure what year the article was written, but I am sure with some imagination and with new tools and technology this 6 Wheel Buggy can be made better than the author ever imagined.

I plan on building one of these machines one day, and when I do I will make sure to show the build here and on the Home Built Forums.

Click here to download: 6-Wheel ATV

I apologize for the delay in download when you go to the download page, I am using free services and with free comes some inconvenience. Eventually I will upgrade to the paid services then things will run smoother, but that costs money so for now this will have to do.


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